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Ford Wreckers Melbourne

Sell your old junk ford car for cash and get paid up to $5,999!

Ford Wreckers Melbourne is not like an ordinary car garage. We are especially here to deal with your wrecked Ford cars. Usually, selling a wrecked car is a big mess but here, selling your wrecked Ford would be the most convenient thing you can do. Sell your car to us today for maximum returns in cash. Read more for details for Wreckers Melbourne is one of the best businesses in the town dealing specifically with wrecked cars.

Don’t think that we are just another firm that sells with scrap. No! We make the most use of your vehicle and guarantee you a higher price than waste. Our procedures and terms and conditions are open, and nothing is kept hidden from the clients. Try us today for a better return.

Selling The Car Is Simple

Here is the best part of all and obviously your favorite one also. Who doesn’t like getting cash and that even for useless cars? You don’t have to wait in long queues to get your payments from banks or any lengthy procedures as soon as you give your vehicle to us our team will instantly provide your refund. Documents are also ready for our team you just have to sign them and proclaim that you have to sell your car to us.

And that’s it! You are done. You see it is so simple and easy.

Our Criteria

Nothing comes over here. We don’t have any buying criteria for the cars that we are purchasing. However, we only take vehicles that are from the company Ford. Beyond that, we don’t look at the engine size, model, ODO Meter reading, mileage, physical condition, or any such thing. As long as it is a Ford, it is acceptable.

Why We Need Your Ford?

Your Ford may be trash for you, but it can be a treasure for us. How? Well, it is because we use your waste and take out the useful part out of it which can be some components that are in a serviceable condition. These parts can be sold in the market for a reasonable price since there is a high demand for Ford cars and there used yet original spare parts. Later, we crush down the remaining vehicle and sell it for scrap.

Cash For Fords?

This is true in the case of wrecked Fords which we take from you. We do consider the fact that the 21st century is being a financial problem to many users and we do understand that you want higher returns. We promise we will give you as much as we can, which would probably more than what a regular market would offer you. Find out yours.

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  • Capri
  • Cobra
  • Consul
  • Corsair
  • Cortina
  • Cougar
  • Courier
  • Econovan
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  • Endura

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